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Four ways to act on industry 4.0

Define your data future

We boost your ambition to keep growing in a fast-changing market. We dare to dive deep into the backbone of your business. Our expertise and your new technical ecosystem will help you redefine your data strategy. With a strong focus on cost optimization, scalability, and innovation.

Connect your machinery

Data is the new oil! It's time to put it into action. Kickstart your learning processes today by connecting your equipment to the Cloud. We will need six months of captured data to be able to create machine-learning models. Start your journey today to be able to act upon tomorrow!

Unlock your data potential

If content is king, data is King Kong. In other words, it's a powerful but threatening tool if you don't know how to handle its mass. DataRebelz will make sure your machine data is safely stored and ready to be refined to your needs.

Today, most data is consumed and interpreted by people. With our deep learning processes, however, the process from capturing to consuming can be performed automatically. The result? Way more impact!

Rethink your service channels

Industry 4.0 will disrupt your business if you like it or not. Why not drive the change and rethink your customer service channels? Remote device support, predictive maintenance, service manual digitization—these are just a subset of what is possible.