We unlock the full potential of
your data and business.

Yes, we dare!

Smart machinery, autonomous systems, mass data, and machine learning Industry 4.0 is upon us. It's about to boost your business if you respond wisely. DataRebelz offers solutions for the most complex Industry 4.0 challenges that machine constructors are facing. Whatever the future brings, we've got you covered. DataRebelz will bridge the gap between the potential of your business, your employees, and your machinery. We believe that humans and machines are complementary.

We explore, shape and build

The time is now. However, where to begin? A centralized modular web platform is the entry point to control all possible data flows and convert them into new business opportunities. We capture, manage, analyze, and consume data to gain insights, boost your business performance, and create new business models if needed. We're on it, so you can entirely focus on your core business.

We grow, on demand

Building a reliable platform requires strong foundations. After mapping your technological ecosystem, we provide you with a web-based open source platform. This core platform can grow along with your business by adding optional integrations and functionalities. We keep optimizing your processes and upgrade/update when needed.